The Best Tackle for Ice Fishing: What You Need to Know

Ice fishing is a great way to enjoy the winter months, but it requires the right equipment to be successful. To fish for live bait on ice, try waxworms (bee moth larva), worms, barbs (fly larvae), wigglers (ephemeral larvae), or minnows. You can drop the bait and leave it alone, or you can pull slowly to attract fish. If you don't have an Acme Kastmaster in your gear box, you should.

This asymmetrical piece of metal is a marvel of engineering, as it sinks quickly and creates an appetizing vibration as it moves. Bait Rigs Oddball templates may look funny, but they can be incredibly effective when it comes to catching fish. Available in a variety of colors, such as Purple Demon and Firetiger Glow, these jig heads are designed to sway and contract when they move. This special action mimics injured minnows, indicating that nearby fish can easily eat.

The Mo' Glo Jig is one of the best lures for ice fishing. It has a balanced horizontal presentation that fits well with minnow and plastic bodies. Its high-gloss finish helps accentuate the lure's shiny properties, allowing it to stand out in low light conditions, which are often the best for fish fishing. In addition, its chrome hook with ample space is sharpened specifically for fish, helping to hook and eliminates the possibility of losing a trophy fish.

Spoons are also great for ice fishing. The Northland forage minnow is the perfect size for bagel fish and comes in a variety of perch colors, making it deadly for attacking giants. Choosing the right lure is essential to increase your chances of hunting panfish, but ultimately, the best way to catch more panfish is to lighten up your equipment. Choosing an ultralight rod or for noodles will allow you to detect the bite more lightly and, at the same time, control light baits.

This is especially important when using baits such as Lindy Tungsten Toad, Crappie Pro Mo' Glo Jig and VMC Bullfly. These best ice fishing lures for panfish fish extract fish in any condition and help you catch giant fish. The Mo' Glo is the best ice fishing lure for crappies because its slow and tempting autumn is great for carrying big fish into the water column and weaning small fish. The Time Bomb spoon is also an excellent choice for ice fishing because its layered structure exudes an alluring appeal that attracts fish naturally.

Although it's apparently no more complicated than dropping a lure through a hole in the ice and making it move a little, the difference between fishing and catching this winter will depend on how well you understand the ins and outs of making some plastic and metal come to life for lazy fish. Choosing the right tackle can make all the difference when it comes to ice fishing success.

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